Polar Sync ❄️🦊 — 🚜 Farming, Liquidity Provider, and Staking Guide on 🐵 ApeSwap

🚨 TL;DR 🚨

  • $POLAR officially listed on ApeSwap 📈
  • Stake $POLAR-$BNB LP ➡ Earn $BANANA 🍌
  • Stake $GNANA 🟡🍌 ➡ Earn $POLAR ❄️ 🦊

Disclaimer: This is a work in progress from one community member to the next. Please contact me with any suggested edits or feedback.

❄️🦊 Polar Sync Farming, Liquidity Provider, and Staking Opportunities

How to Farm with $POLAR Tokens on ApeSwap?

Polar Sync tokens can be provided as liquidity along with BNB on ApeSwap to earn $BANANA tokens at an expected APR of 200%+ for the first month. This is in addition to the fees collected for being an LP to the POLAR-BNB pool

Here’s how to 🦍 or get into this farming opportunity to earn $POLAR, $BNB, and $BANANA.

  1. Go to the ApeSwap Pools site. Click on or select ‘Add Liquidity’ button.

2. Click on or select ‘Select a Token’ button for the input.

3. Type in ‘polar’ into the search bar and select POLAR in the list.

4. Enter the amount of $BNB and $POLAR you want to add to the pool. Every liquidity provider must put in 50% of each token. In this example, 1 $BNB is entered into the POLAR-BNB LP.

5. Confirm the Approve transaction in your wallet.

6. Next select the ‘Confirm Adding Liquidity’ button to add the liquidity to the POLAR-BNB Pool.

7. Confirm the supply of the liquidity you will provide to the pool.

8. To finish adding the liquidity, confirm this last transaction in your wallet.

Now you are an LP in the POLAR-BNB pool, congrats!

Earning fees while holdin’ awesome!

Select the ‘Close’ button and part one is complete for the farming opportunity.

  1. From the ApeSwap Farms’ site, type in “polar” into the search bar. Next, select the ‘Enable’ button for the POLAR-BNB pool.

2. Confirm the transaction with your wallet. This example is using MetaMask.

3. Click on or Select the‘ Stake LP’ button for the POLAR-BNB farm.

4. Select ‘Max’ or the amount of the LP tokens that you’d like to lock up in the farm. Next, select the ‘Confirm’ button.

5. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

That’s it, now you’re farming $BANANA while also earning $POLAR and $BNB for being a liquidity provider on ApeSwap.

How to Stake $GNANA 🟡🍌 to earn POLAR ❄️ 🦊 on ApeSwap?

To earn even more $POLAR tokens, individuals with Golden Banana tokens aka $GNANA can allocate some or all their $GNANA to the $100,000 $POLAR pool.

  1. From the ApeSwap GNANA Pools site search for ‘polar’.

2. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

3. Next select ‘Stake GNANA’ for the $POLAR pool

4. Select how much $GNANA you would like to allocate to the $POLAR pool. In this example, the Max is selected. Next, select the ‘Confirm’ button.

5. Confirm the transaction in your wallet (screenshot not shown) and then you’ll be done. Immediately you’ll start earning $POLAR rewards with your $GNANA!

What is Polar Sync?

Polar Sync, formerly Polar Fox, provides APIs for real-time insights to dApps across Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and more blockchains. Polar Sync’s indexing GraphSQL architecture provides data quickly and easily for decentralized applications (Dapps) so engineers can focus on buidling their core products and not backend infrastructure.

Polar Sync is a strategic partner with ApeSwap, powering their backend data for a seamless experience; see for yourself here. ApeSwap’s information on their tokens, pairs, and user account pages is powered by Polar Sync’s APIs.

Learn more about Polar Sync here and ApeSwap’s partnership with Polar Sync in this Medium article.

Happy farming 🚜 , staking💎✊, and earning rewards with Polar Sync ❄️🦊 in decentralized finance!




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Kent Phillips

Kent Phillips

Community Growth | Project Management. Mentoring & Meditation enthusiast. Good gift giver.

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